New Project: 2D Puzzle Platformer

My first project will be a 2D puzzle platformer. The basic concept that will make this game unique comes from the 8-puzzle, a game consisting of a 3×3 board in which you can make a sequence of slide operations on numbered tiles into adjacent empty spaces in order to sort the tiles numerically. This game’s environment will be using a similar tile structure in which each tile is a traversable set of blocks. As the player traversing through these tiles, he will be able to shift or rotate the tile in which he is currently located in order to alter the environment. By manipulating the world, the player will be able to navigate within and between the tiles in order to reach the goal.

Take this simple mockup for example:

Original state of level

Solution path

Solution path of level

In this example, the player (blue tile) begins in the bottom left tile and is trying to reach the goal (green tile) in the top right tile. The player cannot reach the upper two rows, so he approaches the help box (yellow tile) in the bottom right tile, which informs him about sliding tiles. Following the help’s advice, the player shifts the bottom right tile into the middle right position. From there, the player can navigate to the middle left tile and shift up to the top left. Finally, the player can progress to the goal in the top right.

In addition to shifting tiles, this game will also feature rotating blocks CW or CCW as well as flipping blocks horizontally and vertically. As the player progresses the environment will also become more complex with larger level dimensions, new tile dimensions (such as 1×2), and new obstacles. Of course, the game will also feature simple 2D physics and collisions. I will go into more detail into the game’s specific features as they present themselves during development.

This game will be developed using the Microsoft XNA Game Studio 4.0 in C#. This project is intended to be fairly small in scope and I’m viewing it as a learning experience. It is something that I can have fun working on and share with others as I go along. I’m very much looking forward to working on this project and seeing it through to completion, and I hope you enjoy following along as well.

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